5 Best Kids Apps/ Websites for Reading

I put together a list of the top reading apps and websites I use in my classroom. Most of them are free but some require a small fee. I recommend you check with your child’s teacher to see if they use any of these websites in their classroom before buying the apps because sometimes they are free to use at school and the kids might already have an account.

1. Freckle

Website Only

As a teacher, I use Freckle all the time in my classroom. It helps teach a variety of skills such as comprehension, spelling, and word knowledge. It is great for beginning readers and more advanced readers as it has a variety of levels. This website is perfect to work on all the extra skills that go along with reading. You can also track progress and easily figure out what skills kids still need to work on. 

2. Teach Your Monster to Read

App and Website

Teach Your Monster to Read is best for kids who are just starting out learning to read. It focuses on letter sounds at first and then progresses to sight words. What I love about this app is the fact that kids can play on it by themselves with no help. Another thing is the kids absolutely LOVE playing. One thing I do not like about this app is the voice they use has an accent so some of the vowel sounds are a little different. You have to pay for the app but the web version is the same and it is free.

3. Epic

App and Website

Epic is a collection of online books. The great thing about this app is any age group of kids can use it. For the kids who are beginning readers, there are books that read to you. For kids who are more advanced, there are chapter books. There are even audiobooks. Parents have to pay for an account but it is free for teachers. 

4. ABC Mouse

App and Website

ABC Mouse is best for grades Kindergarten through second grade. It offers a learning path for students with various activities to help teach kids to read. In addition to the reading lessons, this app also teaches kids math, science, and social studies lessons. I like the variety of activities this app offers and the progression students follow using the learning path. One thing I do not like about this app is there are a lot of games that kids can play that makes it seem like they are learning but they are actually just sitting and playing games. 

5. Readworks

Website Only

Readworks is a collection of reading passages with comprehension questions that go along with each one. Some of the passages have audio that go along with it to support beginning readers. I would recommend this website for kids who are already able to read. It increases their vocabulary and their comprehension skills. It is also completely free. 

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